Cancer Immunotherapy Companies: Looking Forward and Looking Back – Xconomy

Cancer immunotherapy successes and failures with very good examples: Dendreon and Juno Therapeutics

packs_of_pillsWhat scientific, legal, and business challenges does the immunotherapy companies face? Stewart Lyman looks at some of them: intellectual property concerns, technology issues, huge manufacturing costs, pressures on pricing and reimbursement, obsolescence and limited patient populations. Find out more

GSK and Novartis complete deals to reshape both drugmakers – Reuters

GlaxoSmithKline and Novartis completed their asset swaps

PuzzleGlaxoSmithKline and Novartis said they had completed a series of asset swaps worth more than $20 billion that will reshape both drugmakers. GSK is forming a consumer health joint venture with Novartis, while at the same time buying the Swiss company’s vaccines business and divesting its cancer drugs portfolio to Novartis. The two companies originally announced the transactions in April 2014 to bolster their best businesses and exit weaker ones as the drugs industry contends with healthcare spending cuts and increased generic competition. More details

Americans are making a big mistake about health care – VOX

Americans don’t understand their own healthcare system

QuestionMarkButtonIf you want to understand the politics of health care in the United States, you really need to understand this finding from a recent Economist/YouGov poll that shows why it’s so difficult for wonky ideas — of either a left-wing or right-wing slant — to gain much toehold with the American people. The way people in the policy community see it, this is totally backwards. Better explanations to catch up!