Training on trials: Patients taught the language of drug development – Nature Medicine

The European Patients’Academy on Therapeutic Innovation (EUPATI) provides information and resources to patients

PatientThe European Patients’ Academy on Therapeutic Innovation (EUPATI), a consortium of 30 organizations from around Europe dedicated to providing information and resources on the medical research and development process to people affected by disease. The expert training course is designed to teach patients—current and former—or family members of patients all about the clinical trial process, from preclinical research and development all the way through the clinical trial and approval pipelines. The hope is that trainees will go on to become actively involved in the clinical research and development process—whether it’s by working with pharmaceutical companies or serving on regulatory agencies’ committees—or to serve as resources for other patients confronted with similar problems.

The Nature Medicine Article

Treat infections with artificial viruses – The Economist

Very interesting article on bacteriophages

LambdaPhageViruses that will attack bacteria. Renewing interest in phages could probably help tackle resistant bacteria. It is not new but has been forgotten for a long time… Some Western researchers are believing in phages, hoping, with modern methods, to turn them into tailored treatments for infection.

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