New ‘Molecule-Making Machine’ Could Speed The Development Of Life-Saving Drugs – Huffington Post

3-D printing at a molecular level could lead to advances in drug development but not only…

A very interesting discovery made by Dr. Martin D. Burke, a professor of chemistry at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign. Why is it a revolution?

The traditional way of synthesizing small molecules requires a step-by-step series of chemical reactions–a process that is time-consuming and which requires enormous expertise. The new printer simplifies the molecule-making process and makes it accessible to non-chemists.

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Virtual drug screening – Google Blog

When Google enters the drug discovery landscape

testtubesThis blog post by Google is deeply interesting as it shows how the “new economy” companies like Google could help the “old economy firms” like the Big Pharma. Bringing new cheaper medicine faster to the patients is important today but will be key in the future as health systems will not be able to cope with never-ending rising healthcare costs. Maybe Google has the solution to help us all?

Google blog post   Venture Beat opinion    The Research paper

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