Mental health – The first steps of digital technology – Xconomy

Several digital therapies are under development to help treat mental illnesses

SadnessWe are just at the beginning of a new way to help patients: digital therapies. However, as of today, few apps, games or virtual reality software led to patient outcomes.

Personally, I think it is quite normal as mental health is a long-term ailment and cannot be treated in one single day. We need more long-term perspective on the real outcomes. Another crucial point to mention: in mental health, patients start to feel better when they are heard and understood by doctors, nurses and relatives; when they can put a word on the malaise they are feeling daily; when you take time with them.

Mental illnesses are a huge burden for the society as demonstrated in a recent study by The Economist.

In the next future there will be a combo of chemical drugs supported by apps that will help patients to better cope with their disease and to better adhere to the treatment schedule and regimen.

Find out more:

Xconomy article

Akili (video games to treat autism, ADHD, depression, traumatic brain injury)

Pear Therapeutics (linking prescription drugs with apps)

Bravemind (PTSD treatment for veterans)

The Economist Report – Mental Health & Integration

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