How can we address the high price of cancer drugs? – Mayo Clinic

The high price for cancer drugs is not only a burden for patients but also for the whole society

Affordability is one of the key word coming back every time we speak about cancer drugs. This time, oncologists are joining the cancer price revolt. The Mayo Clinic published a 4-minute video really worth watching and an article detailing all the points where oncologists can act upon.

Cancer care is not only the issue for the patient but for all the stakeholders (doctors, healthcare providers, insurances, governments, relatives,…). We all need to team up to find solutions. Mayo Clinic is giving us a starting point.

The Mayo Clinic Article    The Mayo Clinic Proceedings Article

Finding success in failing early – Life Sci VC

Fast fail is the best advice for any biotech company


This blog post comes from one of my favorite blog about life sciences. Killing early unsuccessful projects is necessary to ensure a better long-term vision for the whole company. Observations and lessons: 1. Think about the end at the beginning; 2. Team spirit with truth-seeking mentality; 3. Sooner rather than later; 4. Listen to the market.

Life Sci VC Blog post