You’re The Doctor Now, And Your Office Is In Your House – Fast Company

DIY Tools and Telemedicine could help patients stay at home for a doctor’s appointment

TelemedicineThis article is one among the World-Changing Ideas edited by Fast Company. At-home diagnostic tests can change the way we interact with our family doctor. This article shows several tools that can help us in diagnosing diseases and seeking help by calling a healthcare professional when necessary.

This trend has 2 implications: it can help emerging markets and remote areas but in developed countries it will contribute in containing healthcare costs.

Fast Company article    WHO Report on Telemedicine (2009)

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3 key challenges to health IT – HealthcareDIVE

Beyond the implementation challenges of health IT

MazeThere are several challenges once health IT has been implemented. HealthcareDIVE mentioned 3 main issues:

1. Maintaining EHRs (Electronic Health Records)

2. Addressing physician concerns

3. Leveraging meaningful use

HealthcareDIVE article    Trends in EHRs use (2014 National Health Statistics Report)

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