From Snitch Pill to Xbox Sensors, Novartis Goes Digital – Bloomberg

Reinventing the pharma industry is unavoidable and will be driven by digital health


A list of some of the projects at Novartis relying on digital health:

  • pills and inhalers with sensors that will improve patient adherence by reminding them to take their medicine (Proteus Digital Health);
  • clinical tests that rely on Microsoft’s Kinect, the motion-sensing technology used with Xboxes, to measure walking speed and balance in people with multiple sclerosis;
  • Google contact lenses that focus automatically and can measure diabetics’ blood-sugar levels from their tears;
  • remote monitoring of patients with technologies developed by companies funded through the USD 100 million fund founded by Novartis and Qualcomm.

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Doctors Are Now Inviting Patients To Help Design Their Own Medical Treatment – Huffington Post

Doctors are now proposing more than one option to cancer patients

CollaborationIt is a great step forward in collaborative thinking for the treatment of patients. Including patients opinion in the decision for their own treatment and quality of life will empower them and allow them to feel they have a voice which is heard.

In many hospitals around the world, oncologists and surgeons simply tell cancer patients what treatments they should have. But in the US, at UC San Francisco, under a formal process called “shared decision making,” doctors and patients are working together to make choices about care.

Each patient is unique and there is no single answer to treat them all with the same combination of drugs and therapies.

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