From Snitch Pill to Xbox Sensors, Novartis Goes Digital – Bloomberg

Reinventing the pharma industry is unavoidable and will be driven by digital health


A list of some of the projects at Novartis relying on digital health:

  • pills and inhalers with sensors that will improve patient adherence by reminding them to take their medicine (Proteus Digital Health);
  • clinical tests that rely on Microsoft’s Kinect, the motion-sensing technology used with Xboxes, to measure walking speed and balance in people with multiple sclerosis;
  • Google contact lenses that focus automatically and can measure diabetics’ blood-sugar levels from their tears;
  • remote monitoring of patients with technologies developed by companies funded through the USD 100 million fund founded by Novartis and Qualcomm.

Bloomberg article    Beyond The Pill – Bain & Co    Value Solutions Arrive As a Strategic Commercial Driver

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