From Iceland to White House, Precision Medicine’s Promises & Hurdles – Xconomy

WatchNot just the promise of precision medicine, but the long haul until that promise is fulfilled

A great post on the Xconomy website from one of my favorite writer: Alex Lash.

In this post (definitely worth a look!!), he extracted the key points from what happened last week about the advances in precision medicine (personalized drugs for specific group of people).

The two events from last week: 1. Iceland’s deCODE Genetics (subsidiary of Amgen) published research studies covering detailed genomic information about that island nation’s people. 2. Governments (US and UK) initiatives were launched to build large health databases.

For this enormous data collection to be a success, it is essential to change the patient’s perception. He/She will have to engage for the future of care and be considered as a person (and not a number) by all the health care providers and researchers. Collective intelligence and collaboration will enable the success of these initiatives.

Xconomy article

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