Google Ventures and the Search for Immortality – Bloomberg

We actually have the tools in the life sciences to achieve anything that you have the audacity to envision.”

VCThis Bloomberg article takes you through the world of Google Ventures and their vision of the future. 36% of their USD 2 billion portfolio is invested in Health & Life Sciences.

“If given the choice between making a lot of money or finding a way to make people live longer, what do you choose?”: it is the statement made by Bill Marris, president and managing partner of Google Ventures.

The Google Ventures investment history in Foundation Medicine is amazing. It created products like its Interactive Cancer Explorer, which is a kind of Google for oncologists, allowing them to do research and devise treatments for their patients. Other compelling companies where Google Ventures invested: Flatiron Health, specialized in cancer big data analysis; DNAnexus, focused on a global bank of genomic information; Transcriptic, operating robot-run small labs. And many more like: AdiMab, 23andMe.

“We aren’t trying to gain a few yards,” Maris says. “We are trying to win the game. And part of it is that it is better to live than to die.”

Bloomberg Article (including an interview with Bill Marris)

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