Big biopharma deals we might see in 2015 – BioPharmaDive

Merger mania is alive and well – what could we expect in the coming months?

HandshakeA very interesting article from BioPharmaDive is analyzing the last trends in M&A. 2014 as well as the start of the year have been exciting as we mentioned in a dedicated post. For more on what happened in 2014, have a look at the Evaluate Pharma 2014 Year in Review below.

Some speculation and trends have been deduced from the past by the editor of BPD. He thinks that there is more to come and here what he’s anticipating:

1. Merck & Jazz Pharma backed by a very nice business fit with complementary franchises and products.

2. Shire & BioMarin would be the perfect combo between rare diseases and orphan drugs.

3. Gilead & Seattle Genetics to make a great use of the mountain of cash accumulated by Gilead.

4. Pfizer & Celgene to help Pfizer grab some market shares in oncology.

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