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Beyond the implementation of a new payment system, healthcare providers needs to change their behavior

A really interesting article from HBR about healthcare systems and how can we improve health outcomes and managing costs.

Here are the key points from the article:

– the example of Possible Health in rural Nepal

– managerial discipline implementation has been crucial in the success of worker behavior change and the delivery of high-quality care

– defining areas of responsibility to avoid conflicts that arise from lack of role clarity is very important and has been implemented

– 4 areas having a clear impact in healthcare:

  1. Let doctors be doctors – not managers. Administrative tasks and managerial functions were removed for them to focus on clinical skills.
  2. Develop standard protocols for care. The lack of protocols leads to lack of care efficacy and very often costs much more.
  3. Hold people accountable for the little things. Every tasks needs to be done and task attribution is a fundamental element in healthcare. Even small tasks are important and could be disruptive of a whole process if not done properly and on time.
  4. Invest in technologies that promote efficiency and transparency. The example of Asana used as their computer-based project management system leading to great results (less waste of time, energy, and resources).

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