How to create value for drugs? Comparative effectiveness and improved patient consideration – Office of Health Economics

microscopeFuture expectations for new drugs – 3 new papers written by the experts from OHE

A series of three articles exploring future expectations for new drugs of evidence of relative effectiveness in Europe and comparative effectiveness in the USA in 2020 have been published in the Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research.

In a value-based and outcomes-based health care environment, there is a mandatory requirement for pharmaceutical companies to demonstrate the value of their products not vs. placebo but vs. the current standard of care.

Key questions must be answered:

Market Access

Source: Bridgehead Oncology Workshop, London 2012.

As mentioned in our page on Strategy & Vision, an increasing focus and trend toward value-based healthcare initiated by M. E. Porter will really make a difference for our health systems. We will stop paying for me-too products and pay only for value-added products that will bring real outcomes for all the stakeholders.

We will also probably be much more patient-centric in the future and use patient value to better select relevant projects as described by Stuart Dollow in his recent blog post on Prioritising Projects by Predicting Patient Value. Considering the patient as a partner and valuing his/her opinion to target precisely his/her needs as well as the clinical requirements will push the pharmaceutical industry toward more value generation because of the integration of the related stakeholders in the development process.

OHE Article (where you can access all the articles and working papers) – To download working papers you have to register (it’s free).

Direct Access to the Articles

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