Improvement in US doctors’s adoption of EHR (Electronic Health Records) – Accenture


A survey of US doctors created by Accenture shows improvement in EHR use. Good news!

An insightful survey has been conducted by Accenture on the use of EHR by US doctors. Have a look at the infographic!

5 take-home messages:

1. 79% of US doctors are more proficient using EHR. They use EHR to enter patient notes electronically, e-prescribe and receive clinical results

2. They communicate with their patient electronically more frequently and regularly use software-based clinical decision support systems

3. Patients are also engaged with these new tools for requesting prescription refills, email their doctors and access their medical information online

4. EHR lead to a lot of benefits: better patient engagement and satisfaction; improved understanding of their medical condition; more valuable communication with their GP; records accuracy

5. EHR challenges: more user-friendly EHR softwares need to be implemented as doctors complain about the use of EHR; doctors do not always think of accessing EHR of a new patient (seen by another doctor)

Conclusion: the progress shown by the report are good news but there is still work to do and improvements to implement.

Accenture Report

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