Global Oncology Trend Report 2015 – IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics


A must-have in oncology market analysis

A new report has been published by IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics about trends in oncology.

It is really informative (stats, charts, visuals…) and insightful. An outstanding overview of what are the main trends (biomarkers, complexity…), the challenges (financial burden, expenditures…) and the opportunities (improved survival, new approaches…) in oncology today.

Key points

biomarkers are more widely used in treatment selection, especially for tumor types with low survival rates and few treatment options;

– new complexity for doctors, payers and patients;

– rising expenditures dedicated to cancer care linked to earlier diagnosis, longer treatment duration as well as increased effectiveness of drug therapies;

USD 100 billion of cancer expenditures registered for 2014 (CAGR 2009-2014: 6.5%);

– increasing financial burden faced by patients (patient access varies widely by country);

– growth in the use of social media by patients in order to find support to cope with their disease;

rise in 5-year survival rates for major cancers;

– promising new approaches in immuno-oncology.

The report

Global Oncology Trend Report 2015: IIHI_Oncology_Trend_Report_2015


Image Source (Non Small Cell Carcinoma of the Lung)

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