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The human brain has always been a secret black box but it could change…

Understanding the human brain is close to reach a first milestone: DATABASE. “When it’s complete, the database will be the first in the world to collect information from individual cells along four basic but crucial variables: cell shape, gene expression, position in the brain, and electrical activity.” (Wired Article quote)

Several institutions are working to increase the knowledge about our most important organ: Human Brain Project (Europe), BRAIN Initiative (US).

“The big plan is to try to understand how the brain works,” says Lydia Ng, director of technology for the database. “Cell types are one of the building blocks of the brain, and by making a big model of how they’re put together, we can understand all the activity that goes into perceiving something and creating an action based on that perception.” (Wired Article quote)

We are just at the beginning of a fascinating journey in our brain. Up to now, researchers only have been able to have a big picture about the functioning of the cells together. It is still unclear how billions of neurons act together resulting in patterns of behavior and activation.

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