Biomimetics – How Nature can help us in solving complex problems


Biomimetics are fascinating as, very often, nature is better skilled than humans to solve complex problems. Historically, humans started to look at birds to be able to develop airplanes to fly themselves. Biomimetics applications are extremely wide, especially because of the complexity of biological systems and, also probably, for the reason that scientists have not yet uncovered all the mysteries of Nature itself.

Life sciences would strongly benefit from more Nature-inspired innovations like spider web silk used for artificial ligaments thank to their strength and robustness. Other amazing examples come from the virus world: most viruses have an outer capsule 20 to 300nm in diameter, which are remarkably robust and capable of withstanding temperatures as high as 60 °C; they are also stable across the pH range 2-10. Viral capsules can then be used to create nano device components such as nanowires, nanotubes, and nanomaterial. Last but not least, viruses (in their inactivated form) are very often used as carriers for other molecules and allow the delivery of drugs to very precise locations in the human body.

Biomimetics as innovation method is characterized by interdisciplinary information transfer from the life sciences to technical application fields aiming at increased performance, functionality and energy efficiency.

Before jumping in the library or clicking on the links shown below, have a look at the TED Talk Playlist on Biomimetics or Biomimicry. You’ll discover stunning examples and fascinating technologies.

Biomimetics is definitely a field where we need to invest more.


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