About Pascale Boyer Barresi



Who am I?

My name is Pascale Boyer Barresi. I’m Swiss and Italian, living and working in Switzerland between Lausanne and Geneva. I’m in my 40s, happily married and have a teenage daughter. Additional, as I absolutely love cats, 2 incredibly mad cats are part of my extended family… Find out more details about my childhood and much more!

My education

school_pen_greatMy education is a blend between Economics, Finance, Pharmaceutical Industry and Digital Communication. I have a Master in Economics from the University of Fribourg (graduation in 1998). I’m also a CFA charterholder (obtained in 2003). I took some time in 2008 to deepen my knowlegde of the pharmaceutical industry with a Certificate of Advanced Study in Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy at the University of Lausanne. And last but not least, I’m proud to have passed the Diploma of Advanced Studies in Digital Communication, Web Expertise and Social Media at the University of Geneva in 2015.

My skills

stonesI’m proud to have Hard Skills promoted by my education and my curiosity: Financial Valuation and Analysis (Economic, Financial, Trends) are the base of my expertise. I added Sales Forecasting Methodologies (focused on the pharmaceutical industry and drug lifecycle). I’m passionate about the economy and what’s going on as well as the rationale behind monetary policies from various countries, how the companies navigate this environment. I think that we can call this Economic Intelligence. I started knowing more about drugs and the pharma industry back in 1998 as my mother was sick and we were looking, together with my father, on the Internet to find what could help her. I discovered a brand new world at this time and started to buy books about pharmacology, human physiology,… just to know more. On another topic, I’m also a “soft geek” as I like to us computers – not only Office or finance tools but also Web-based Tools like WordPress and creative tools developed by Apple.

With the time passing, I also developed Soft Skills: I like to work with other people and listen to what they have to say (Active Listening). When I’m not happy with something I always try to be constructive and solution-oriented when problems emerged. I like to lead a small team but I don’t see myself as THE boss, but much more as a coach and somebody that will confront top management on key issues. Organization and Flexibility are crucial skills not only in my job but also in my personal life. Effective Communication is one of my dream and I’m learning to be good at it.

My professional experiences

Charts2I recently moved into a new job. After more than 5 years spent as an Associate Director Business Analysis & Communication in the Business Development & Licensing Department in a Swiss drug development company, I was offered a wonderful opportunity at PwC in Geneva. One of my dreams was to work for a pharmaceutical company. Why? Because innovation is at the tips of your fingers, because your colleagues can teach you a lot of science (for dummies… of course!), because you can see projects coming to life or be killed sometimes…

I have 2 main areas of expertise:

1. The Serious Side: I have a good track record and expertise in project and company valuation as well as sales forecasts and financial analysis. I also follow industry trends and health systems as well as drug pricing environment.

2. The Creative & Social Side: I enjoy photography (landscapes, people, cats,…) and I really love social media because you can keep in touch with friends (Facebook, Instagram) as well as professional relationships (LinkedIn) but also find a lot of information on trends.

My other passions & The Pillbox Main Theme

runningI have a lot of focus areas both private and professional.

On the private side, I spent the maximum amount of time with my family but I also like to be fit and I started running 5 years ago. I did my first contest back in 2012 (I was among the last people to finish… but I was very happy I did it!).  When I have time to exercise, I like to participate in 5 to 8 contests per year in Switzerland. I’m also passionate about wine… especially Italian wines. I nearly forgot to mention that I’m building a collection of books on Pasta, which is one of my favorite dishes and perfect for the runner I am…

On the professional side, I’m so interested and passionate about what’s happening in the life sciences industry… with all the innovation and hope we can give to patients… it’s amazing! But I don’t want to keep it for myself, I would like to share with you what I think is the most important on a day-to-day basis. This is the main reason for creating and enriching this blog. I don’t want to lose all the information I go through on a daily basis.

All the pictures I used (if not stated otherwise) comes from this web site or from Flickr (with quoted author).

The main pillbox picture is a Flickr picture

8 thoughts on “About Pascale Boyer Barresi

  1. Very well description about you ! We learn a lot about yourself trough your website and I really appreciate it. 🙂

    Good luck for your goals and I give you my congratulations for this rewarding website about the digital pillbox.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I like your website – great content and well setup!

    In the “about you” part I was suprised to see that you had two categories: the serious side and the creative side – do you think that creativity is not serious? (Being slightly provocative there)

    All the best,


    • Thanks for your comment, I really appreciate.
      You are right: creativity is serious but when I’m creative I have fun… And I’m doing what I want without expecting any result (sometimes it’s just great and sometimes it’s not…). When you are serious you have to deliver anticipated outcomes 😉


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