My Education


Primary, Secondary School & College

I started my first years of school in Ecole de la Vignettaz in Fribourg, then I went to Cycle d’Orientation de Jolimont and lastly I attended all the mandatory courses in Collège St-Michel.


I chose to go on with the studies and got a Master Degree in Economics from the University of Fribourg in 1998. Have a look at my diploma as well as the grades: MA_Economics_University_Fribourg_1998

Post-graduate education

It is a never-ending story as I’m very curious and always willing to learn new things. It is also a very good way to stand out from the crowd. Here are the main diplomas I earned during the past years:


  • French is my mother tongue.
  • My English is fluent. I passed the Cambridge Examination for International Business and Trade in 1999 (CambridgeExamForInternationalBusinessTrade) and I passed the Cambridge Advanced Examination in December 2015 (Cambridge_Certificate_in_Advanced_English).
  • My Italian is fluent too but I did not pass any exam but I will in the next future.
  • My German is average as I studied it back in primary and secondary school as well as in college but without speaking and writing it up to now, I must admit I forgot a lot.

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