My Goals


Career Goals

Value. I would like to feel useful and create value for my employer. My skills, both hard and soft, are key in this process. Value creation is often not done alone as the strength of a team is bigger that a single individual. But to build a productive team, you need trust, truth and diversity as well as work ethics, organization and defined roles (no overlap…).

Increase team performance and praise. The best gift as a leader is to see the team progress, generate strong performance and be praised for it. Coaching, encouraging and transparent decisions are crucial to the success of the whole.

Earn a management/executive position. I like to have responsibilities and being the decision-maker. Improving my management and strategic skills are one of my career objectives.

Working for a multinational company. I would like to experiment the work in a big structure, with multiple levels of decisions and interactions, well-organized teams, long-term vision and short-term tactics. Being in contact with several different work cultures and languages, understanding local ways of doing business and interacting with well-seasoned professionals, would be really fulfilling my best career wishes.

Private Goals

Life coach for my daughter. Seeing her growing and maturing is one of the treasure of my life. Supporting her when she needs without being intrusive and boring. Sharing leisure activities with her

Spending time with my husband. Cooking fresh pasta, dining at the restaurant, travelling together and discovering new countries is always a pleasure and will remain.

Travelling in Japan and discover this country when the cherry blossoms bloom. It is one of my travelling dreams and I would like to realize it in the next few years. Before we will probably go all three together in the USA for the 10th birthday of my daughter

Buying a house in Tuscany and maybe a vineyard. Maybe later in my life… it is still a dream in the little corner of my mind.


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