My Other Passions


I have two other passions: running and wine tasting (for the time being not at the same time despite the existence of the Medoc Marathon).


running2Running feels good when it is carefree. It’s something I do purely for enjoyment. I’m proud of my achievements: 5, 10, 15 and 20km. I don’t care about the time as I’m always surprised that I run faster during a contest. My main objective is to have fun without hurting myself. I’m taking care of my body and mind by training, cross-training and musculation routines. I’m also taking some vitamins, protection for my cartilages as well as minerals mix after intense workouts. I have two little secrets for 15 and 20km: my little strawberry fruit boosts every 30 minutes with water or isotonic beverage and good music.

I like to participate in 5 to 8 contests per year. I sometimes run with my sister, she made me discover nice contests like the Kerzerlauf and the Frauenlauf. The above picture shows me at the 17th km during the 20 km of Lausanne.

Wine Tasting

RedwineWine tasting is examining and evaluating carefully the wine in the glass from a sensory point of view by stating all its characteristics with specialized terminology used to describe the range of perceived flavors, aromas and colors of a wine. Spotting some wine defaults is also part of the exercise. For flavor training I use Le Nez du Vin (The Masterkit). It is very difficult to put a name on a flavor or an aroma. Saying why you like a wine, saying the emotions behind the taste. A funny and entertaining way to know more about wine is the comics Drops of God or Gouttes de Dieu (in French).

Five years ago I had the dream of becoming an expert in wine tasting but I had to stop my education/training as my professional commitment became much more important than before. I attended several courses at the Wine School in Changins. One of my favorite wine is Edizione Cinque Autoctoni from Fantini Farnese. I like Italian wines because the taste of the sun is jailed in each bottle.


Image Source Running    Image Source Wine

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