My Professional Experiences


My professional experience started early. My first step into the adult world was in 1988 when I was 15 years old…

Financing my hobbies and shopping sprees

workMy first experiences were dedicated to financing my hobbies and shopping sprees as I was a studying without any income at all apart from pocket money given by my parents. I took advantage of the summer holidays to apply for temporary working positions in supermarkets, packaging companies and restaurants,… This period taught me the value of money and developed my capacity to save what I earned in order to give me a feeling of financial independence.

I was lucky to have a temp job every summer from secondary school to university.

Starting in a new world

sketechesAfter graduating in January 1998, I looked for a job and had the opportunity to do a 6-month internship in a tech transfer and start-up support public company. It was really a great start and I had wonderful colleagues which were very patient and helpful. My work certificate (in French): RelaisTechnologiqueFribourg_1998

In September 1998, I started a real job in a financial services company, MSCI (Morgan Stanley Capital International). I was Corporate Results Analyst responsible for over 400 companies (on a quantitative basis). I also contributed to free float indices methodology and helped in answering client queries. It was my first job, with limits to career progression. I resigned in 2000. My work certificate: MSCI_2000

The next step was a Geneva-based bank, Banque Edouard Constant SA. I started as Junior Equity Analyst responsible for the Pharmaceutical industry, analyzing companies and making investment recommendations during 2 years. I left in 2002, approximately one year before the takeover by EFG Private Bank in 2004. My work certificate (in French): BanqueEdouardConstant_2002

Expanding my knowledge

BridgeFrom 2001 to 2004, I strengthened my financial analysis knowledge by becoming CFA charterholder.

I took over another position as Equity Analyst in 2002 at Bordier & Cie, one of the four Geneva private banks. I also had the opportunity to manage the Swiss Equities Fund from 2007. It allowed me to really build a sound experience in financial analysis and asset management. My work certificate (in French): BordierCie_2010

In order to deepen my knowledge on the pharmaceutical industry, I committed my free time and energy in a CAS in Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy at the University of Lausanne in 2008.

In 2010, I was looking for new opportunities and challenges away from the banking industry.

Industry change

changeIn 2010, I was offered a position in a drug development company, Debiopharm International SA. As Associate Director, Business Analysis & Communication,  I was responsible for sales forecasting and project valuation as well as health economics (market access, pricing, reimbursement support and market research coordination). I also provided support to the board of directors and CEO on specific strategic topics. I implemented the whole methodology for sales forecasting and put in place the Excel models for project valuation (including rNPV, IRR, ROI, stress-tests and scenario analysis). I was also in charge of monitoring mergers & acquisitions in the industry as well as advising my business development colleagues on deal strategies and structuring. Furthermore, I was very often asked by our venture-like subsidiary, Debiopharm Diagnosics, to value potential investments in innovative diagnostics companies (business plan and strategy analysis, financial valuation as well as portfolio valuation). My work certificate: debiopharm-work-certificate

Adding new skills

yellowpaintIn 2012, I took over the Business Communication Department at Debiopharm International and it is a never ending learning opportunity as I had no previous experience in this field. In 2014, I felt it was very important to build the digital side of our business communication and in order to fulfill this objective, I did a DAS in Digital Communication, Web Expertise and Social Media at the University of Geneva. I’m proud because it was extremely useful and it perfectly complement my professional experience.

A brand new world… Advisory Deals

consultingIn March 2016, I joined one of the Big Four, PwC, as Senior Manager for Deals (Corporate Finance, Valuation) for Swiss Life Sciences Companies. My main objective was to perform an industrial mapping in order to spot potential companies willing to expand their business and potential targets to be acquired. I also contributed to several projects in valuation and deals. As a project manager, I had the opportunity to oversee and supervise transactions from the start to the signing and close. My work certificate: Certificat PwC

Exploring the continuum in life sciences from the pill to its delivery to the right patient at the right time was one of my career goals. At PwC, I had the opportunity to take a deep dive in the Healthcare industry by helping hospitals and clinics to better manager their costs and revenues.

For this reason I took a 4-month continuing education program in healthcare management at the University of Lausanne. It was extremely interesting and my next career move would be in this field I found exciting and so complex.

From Advisory to Hospital

In early 2019, I was more than ready for my next career move. I was selected to become the next Department head of finance and administration at HUG for the Rehabilitation and Geriatrics Department.

Today, I’m delighted to be at one of the largest Swiss hospital managing the finance of an extremely interesting department.

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Yellow Paint

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