Virtual drug screening – Google Blog

When Google enters the drug discovery landscape

testtubesThis blog post by Google is deeply interesting as it shows how the “new economy” companies like Google could help the “old economy firms” like the Big Pharma. Bringing new cheaper medicine faster to the patients is important today but will be key in the future as health systems will not be able to cope with never-ending rising healthcare costs. Maybe Google has the solution to help us all?

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The Future of Health Is More, Better, Cheaper – Strategy+Business

digital_technologyConsumer will take more power in health-related decision and will drive the market

Within a decade, the health business will look and feel much more like other consumer-oriented, technology-enabled industries . It will have its own Amazon-style, iconic brands—companies that give consumers an easy way to access information, doctors, and treatments; provide them with a variety of services and products at a variety of prices; and centralize their care through user-friendly interfaces. And thanks to this growing trend, plenty of entrants into the market would like nothing better than to upend the old model of care, empowering consumers while taking some of the industry’s annual US$2.9 trillion market for themselves.

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7 Ways Apple’s New Software Could Change Medical Research For The Better – Huffington Post

How can Apple’s new software help us in caring for patients

Why ResearchKit Is the Most Exciting Thing Apple Announced YesterdayResearchKit, the open-source iPhone software gives developers a platform for apps that collect health data and create programs that help users improve their health

For many of us who have smartphones, tracking things like our steps, meals, sleep, medication, weight and menstruation has become second nature. And for researchers who rely on data like this to study everything from chronic disease to healthful lifestyles, all of that information has been going to waste for years, locked away in the proprietary data clouds of telecommunication companies.

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Smartphone diagnosis – The Economist

smartphoneSmartphone diagnosis can help us in the developed world but could also be a better way to care for patients in developing countries

By offering lab-type diagnostics to almost any population with access to a smartphone, such devices would be particularly useful in remote and resource-poor areas. But they are bound to give hypochondriacs yet another reason to fiddle with their handsets.

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