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On this page you will find all the pharmaceutical trends, views, challenges reports published online and available freely.

These reports are helpful in order to better understand the industrial landscape and the emerging trends. When the report is really important, I like to start with a blog post on it but I also will drop it in this section in order to centralize all the documents I find important.

I will populate this section with new globak reports on a daily basis. You will find more detailed reports by choosing the sub-sections: Pharma, Biotech and Medtech as well as Health Systems & Market Access.



Winning the hearts and minds of health care consumers – Deloitte – 2015

Tech Trends 2015 – Deloitte – 2015 – My comment: it is a big report – 150 pages. I’m dreaming of having time to read it thoroughfully but unfortunately I’m limiting myself to some sections of it. I liked Dimentional Marketing (p. 51) and Amplified Intelligence (p. 97).

Every Business is a Digital Business – Technology Vision 2014 – Accenture – My comment: this report covers a broad technology vision across all industries but it is very insightful as it will help us understand the real impact of “becoming digital” as a company – implications, trends, consumer behavior changes, opportunities & challenges. I liked the section Trend 1 – Internet of Things (p. 13), Trend 2 – Crowdsourcing (p. 29) because these two trends are widely applicable to the lifescience industry as the first one is linked with all the sensors and wearable technologies emerging in healthcare for better tracking and monitoring patients for better health outcomes; the second one is associated with improved R&D productivity by putting resources together instead of operating R&D centers separately.

A Consumer-driven Culture of Health – Deloitte – 2014



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