Health Systems & Market Access


This page will direct you to publications presenting worldwide health care systems.

As we all know, each country has a specific health care system covering its population. It is somewhat complex at first sight but these systems can be classified.

By reading the reports in this section you will know more about health insurance, public and private financing, health system organization and governance, health care quality and coordination, disparities, efficiency and integration, use of information technology and evidence-based practice, cost containment, and recent reforms and innovations. You will also have access to up-to-date statistics with OECD free reports.



un-panel-on-access-to-medicines-2016 – United Nations – 2016

Pricing and Market Access Outlook 2015/2016 – IMS Consulting Group – 2015

OECD Health at a Glance 2015


Value In Health – Cost-Effectiveness-clinical-trials-guideline – 2015 – ISPOR (Value In Health)

The future of comparative effectiveness and relative efficacy of drugs: an international perspective – 2015 – Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research

International Profiles of Health Care Systems – 2014 – The Commonwealth Fund

Health at a Glance – 2013 – OECD

Planning Ahead for Successful Global Market Access – 2013 – Evidera


America’s Drug Problem – Nature Biotechnology – 2016 (US drug pricing system): nature-biotech-americas-drug-problem-november-2016

from-pipeline-to-profits-2016 – Kaiser Health News – 2016

US Healthcare Spending 1960-2014: who pays? – California Healthcare Foundation 2015


FRONT LINE OF HEALTHCARE REPORT 2015 – The shifting US healthcare landscape by the numbers – Bain – 2015

BUDGET-BUSTERS: The shift to high-priced innovator drugs in the USA – 2015 – Evaluate Pharma

Health Spending Explorer – Always up-to-date – Kaiser

Medicare 101 Video & Transcript – 2015 – US program for the elderly – What you need to know – Kaiser

Medicaid 101 Video & Transcript – 2015 – US program for the poor and disabled – What you need to know – Kaiser

ACA 101 Video & Transcript – 2015 – Affordable Care Act – Kaiser

Futurescapes: evidence expectations in the USA for comparative effectiveness research for drugs in 2020 – 2015 – Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research


Futurescapes: expectations in Europe for relative effectiveness evidence for drugs in 2020 – 2015 – Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research

Access to new medicines in Europe – 2015 – WHO

Health at a Glance – Europe – 2014 – OECD


The Future of Japan’s Health System — Sustaining Good Health with Equity at Low Cost – 2015 – NEJM

Health at a Glance – Asia/Pacific – 2014 – OECD


Rapport national sur la santé 2015 – La santé en Suisse – Le point sur les maladies chroniques – Cahiers de l’Observatoire suisse de la santé (in French)

Health Statistics 2014 (in French)

Health Systems in Transition – Switzerland 2015 – European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies

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