The Pillbox Purpose


Why starting a website?

It’s like in a pillbox where you’ll find all the medicines you need in a single box.

The little story

The main reason is sharing. In my day-to-day activities I go through a lot of informations, news, trends, reports… I usually sort them and share the most relevant pieces on LinkedIn and Twitter. I also started a data curation weekly newsletter for my employer in order to disseminate the relevant industrial information among employees. People like to have a summary of what happened during the last few days as they don’t always have time to flip through the daily newsflow.

In September 2014, I started a continuing education program in Digital Communication at the University of Geneva. It unveiled my creative side and allowed me to discover tons of web tools I was unaware of. Starting a website was still very enigmatic to me but I decided to exit my comfort zone and try something to help my daily work as well as myself.

The purpose

The second main reason is centralizing and keeping up-to-date information readily and quickly available. With the huge amount of daily information, it is essential to sort and classify in one single place. On my computer I have lots of files, not always with a well-defined name, and I have to admit that some days I don’t find the information I already stored, so I go back on the Internet to download the file again. This website will have all the files I need and all the relevant news I selected with searchable content.

The centralization reason is a practical reason for me and for all the users/readers that will allow everyone to have access to all the free industrial reports disseminated on the web, I’m thinking about the Big 4 reports for example. They are doing a great job in writing them but there’s no single place where I can find them all. This website will do the job.


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